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Sept 28-Oct 2 in Elkins, WV at Pegasus Farm Campground. Gates open: Thursday the 28th at 12:00 pm
Early Arrival/Camp Build prior to the general gate opening time doesn't happen for theme camps for this burn.
Notice: Tickets sell out as soon as they go on sale for this burn. Be ready a few minutes before the sale times to get your tickets here. Please buy extra tickets for our fellow campmates who can't get them.
You may also be able to get tickets in this facebook group.

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Camp Contact is looking forward to going to Constellation!  We'll be bringing our Steam Bath, our PillowWorld space, and an open space for yoga/dance along with our new DJ booth!

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Ben Bacigalupa
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Iguana Chill Dr. Who

Hengyi Hu
General Camp Contact This is the pod to join if you don't recognize any of the other pods!